What is NINA ?

We have developed the world’s 1st IoT beverage pourer, that is fully controlled allowing real-time consumption.
By mounting our unique proprietary device on bottles, we allow customers to self-consume while making the experience far more controlled, intuitive and fun.
Doing so, we create for the first time the long-sought connection between the spirits manufacturer and the consumer, and by that, we enhance profitability, efficiency and customer loyalty.



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How does it work ?

1. Select your desired
    drink by using NINA App

2. Pour your own drink 

3. Pay only for what
    you poured

App & Dashboard

  • Promotion
    Promote specific brands as personal favorites

  • Social
    Connect with your friends and surrounding guest, share shots, communicate. Make the move…

  • Real-time 
    Be able to interact with your customer on a real time bases.